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Sylvia Hardy

I have been a hobby potter for about the last ten years, and I love to work with clay.  My main interest is wheelthrowing because it’s fast and almost magical, and I enjoy making functional items. 

I learned to work with clay by taking classes at Port Moody Arts Centre and continue to attend the Open Studio there. 

A specialty in carved orchid pots and yarn bowls has grown out of my enjoyment of flowers and knitting, as well as carving designs into the clay. 

The carvings in the orchid pots allow air to circulate around the roots, and for the roots to expand outside the boundaries of the pot, mimicking the orchid’s natural state. Fill your pot with moss or a commercial orchid medium.  Raise the pot over pebbles or marbles to keep the plant from soaking, and leave water in the tray to allow moisture to evaporate around the aerial orchid roots.

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